For  Women

My book  - Silent Change : Nice and Yes are Out, Maybe and No are In - women's journey from disempowerment to feeling empowered - is now available through Amazon e-books.   


Are you trapped in cycle of always pleasing others.   Do your own needs come second and are you unaware of your needs?   Have you a sense of being empowered in your personal life, your social life, your working life?  What is your self care like – does it consciously exist. 

Women have many options and choices available to them.   Women have many challenges in managing the various options and expectations placed on them.  Talking honestly about some of the many issues women are challenged with in today’s world can be fraught with fear of criticism from others and shame.  

I am passionate about supporting women through their journey in life, whether it is finding the motivation to take on a specific challenge, finding strategies to improve relationships or recovering from trauma and abuse.   Finding your voice in personal and professional areas of your life enables you to have achieve and have balance.

“I had a demanding job and was so frustrated with my partner and children.   Now that I am clearer about my needs I set my limits and am enjoying both my job and family”