Older Adults and family counseling/support


People tend to underestimate the challenges and changes that occur when we retire and age.   This is sometimes referred to as the “third age” in our lifetime.    Older adults often tend to minimise the effects on them of changes and losses leaving them feeling depressed, anxious and/or lonely.    Counselling can help you understand what is going on for  you, provide you with support on how to manage and connect you with others as appropriate. 

Family members can also find it confusing and frustrating when their  family member has the signs of dementia.   Counselling and education can help family members provide support to their older adult.  

Sue has several years experience and education with older adults/older people and understands how difficult life can be at times.    She is happy to see you at your residence or her counselling rooms.    Some people find it beneficial to meet with others in a more structured way to share and talk about the challenges they face, as well as learning how others are managing.   It is also a good time to reflect on the achievements in your life. 

Sue can support you either individually or in a group setting with some of the challenges as listed below:-

 -depression  -  anxiety  -  grief & loss  -  stress related to medical problems  -  family conflict  -  carer stress  -  spirituality  -  end of life issues  -   transition and adjustment to changes in residence  -  .......

Contact Sue to discuss meeting and fees.