• Grief & loss

  • Recovery from trauma 

  • Life Changes and coaching

  • General wellbeing

Self harm

People confuse self harm with being suicidal.  They are different.  When you are feeling overwhelmed by feelings, emotions, worthlessness, criticism and pain, sometimes the only way to reduce this seems to be by some form of harm to yourself.  You don’t need to do this.  There are many effective ways to move past self harming and feel able to deal with emotions and thoughts that cause you pain.  

“I thought there was something wrong with me and now I am able to deal with life in a way that works for me.   I feel happier”.


When anorexia takes hold it is very difficult initially to gain control over your eating, thoughts about food, exercising, body image and self confidence.   Anorexia leaves you feeling as if you can never be perfect.    There is life after anorexia and you can feel great about yourself, with energy and enthusiasm and health.  As one girl said, “I enjoy going out with my friends and eating is enjoyable and only a small part of the fun”.


Depression and anger

When you feel depressed there are usually understandable reasons for this.  Knowing how you experience yourself and what thoughts, feelings and behaviours keep your depression going allows you to make the changes towards feeling good.

Depression can be about repressed anger and/or grief.  It takes a lot of energy to keep these emotions away.  No wonder you feel depressed. 

Learn effective tools and skills for moving past depression and have energy to enjoy life.

“ I have hope for my future now and am happy socialising with people .”

Anger usually means you are not having your needs met.   Learn what triggers anger, what it is telling you and how you can contain your anger and use effective ways to deal with conflict.  Anger is an energy.   Healthy anger provides protection and motivation.


We all get scared at times.  Fear is designed as a response to perceived and/or real  threat or danger of some sort.  Problems with anxiety occur for many reasons.   This includes abuse, traumas, lack of confidence, being bullied and other events.   When anxious we experience shortness of breath, racing heart, difficulty thinking and the flight, fight or freeze response.  You can reduce and manage your anxiety which will help you distinguish between anxiety triggered by previous events and situations where it is important to act on your fear.  It is freeing to have confidence and manage stress when sitting exams, going for an interview, meeting someone new and trying something different.